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Monday, October 18, 2004

Vote Principle, Not Personality

Part of the Hugh Hewitt Symposium "In 250 words or less 'Why Vote for Bush and What's Wrong with Kerry'".
My answer to this is--don't vote for Bush or Kerry. Weigh the issues and their relative merit and vote your conscience accordingly.
1. The War in Iraq: If you truly believe that we would have been better leaving Saddam Hussein alone to bribe the UN Security Council and amass his arsenal of WMD's, then not even the Duelfer Report can change your mind.
2. Abortion: If you truly feel that killing 3,000 to 4,000 innocent unborn children PER DAY in the USA is acceptable, then your mind isn't worth changing. But at least read what girls and women who've had abortions have to say about their wonderful experiences before you parrot the "abortion is a women's rights issue" myth.
3. No Child Left Behind: If you are convinced that George Bush didn't "fully fund" No Child Left Behind, then you need to understand the trick nomenclature being used in that bogus argument.
4.The Draft: If you think that Bush will reinstitute the draft--please remember it was the Democrats who sponsored 2 draft bills--one in the House and one in the Senate and the Republicans squashed them. It's Kerry who wants to add 40,000 troops to our Armed Forces, not Bush. Logically speaking then, if anyone is likely to attempt to bring back the draft, it would be Kerry, not Bush.
5. Same-Sex Marriage: If you think promoting a constituional amendment protecting traditional one man-one woman marriage is just plain discriminatory, you could be right. Or, you could be wrong. But remember, dead gays can't marry anyone. Much less each other. We are at war and the threat is real. This issue is so far off the radar compared to the war, it isn't going to go anywhere. Certainly not in the next 4 years, anyway.
6. Raising Taxes: If your paycheck comes out of someone else's pocket (in the form of their income or property taxes ), you will probably never vote for someone promoting tax cuts because it means the money you are taking from your fellow citizens might be decreased. Can't change your selfish, self-centered mind and won't try. Just remember, "government money" does NOT come from the government, it comes from your tax-paying neighbors. And if you think we are going to get taxes out of the rich, just see how Teresa Heinz-Kerry handles that problem.
7. Integrity, Integrity, Integrity: If you think Michael Moore, and/or John Kerry are telling the truth, then London Bridge is still up for sale.


At October 19, 2004 at 1:05 PM, Blogger EddieP said...

Best arguments I've seen for voting for Kerry. Oops, just spilled my drool cup. Nurse!


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