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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WMDs Found!

For you lost liberals (you must be lost to have tripped over this blog), let's just set the equation straight when it comes to the WMDs in Iraq:

"Billions of Dollars in Food-for-Oil Money" + "2nd Largest Oil Field In the World" + "Cruel and Unfettered Tyrant Who Hated the United States and Demonstrated on More than One Occasion the Willingness to Exterminate Masses of People" + "Cozy Relations with Islamic Jihadists" = WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION

Can the math get any easier? Even for you?

Not to mention the tons of mustard gas that have turned the Tigris yellow, which could not be reported by the UN inspectors because it wasn't in a war head or a barrel. Nomenclature is so important here . . .